the aphrodite project: goddess of beauty.

Inspired by different attributes of the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, this project is a conceptual interpretation of how we define beauty.  Among beauty, Aphrodite is also a goddess born of the sea, the goddess of roses, goddess of the pearl, goddess of mirrors, and goddess of nurturing.  Above all though, she is most known for being the patron goddess of beauty, embodying the stereotypical idealized female form, pushing unrealistic expectations of outside appearance on girls and women alike.  This project involves a variety of women, made difference perhaps by size, age, or ethnicity but united as one wide interpretation of what it means to be beautiful.  

I want this project to promote the idea that beauty does not have one definition, but rather is a spectrum where every woman can find themselves in. 

- Clara Jeanne Reed

goddess from the sea.

goddess of the pearl.

goddess of reflections.

goddess of nurturing.

goddess of flowers.

This project is dedicated to my mother, who always sees the beauty in everyone.  

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